“But really. How are you?”

A simple question like that can go a long way for someone. Whether there’s intention behind it or not, a “how are you” can bring out the most interesting and deep conversations with the person you’re with.

Of course, depending on who it is, the context may be different. But the question goes beyond…

“How are you? (How are you emotionally? How are you mentally?)

This recently happened between me and my cousin on our drive home from a night out with friends. What started off as an “I’m alright” led to “It sucks…” And the rest of the ride was listening out to one another. From an exchange of reflections behind the mask we put on for others to the point where we started to ask ourselves, “Where do we go from here? How do I become a better me for myself?”

We’re living in such a fast-paced and busy world, sometimes we forget to take a breather and channel our inner thoughts and feelings to figure out if we’re really content to where we are at the moment as well as considering those close to us.

So if you’ve got a friend, family, pet, or yourself, reach out and ask. Because you never know how much of an impact it can be.

People are afraid to ask for an ear to talk to nowadays thinking it might be a burden or selfish. So offer up your ears to someone. The world needs more listeners to understand and possibly learn from others.

And note – I also recommend giving hugs at the end. It’ll be a great pick up after digging yourselves deep into a serious conversation.

It’s also best if this is done late at night while you’re Draking/Tillering or driving. There’s something about soft o’clock that gets people going about their emotions and stuff.

Thanks for reading another vague ramble. Sometimes I can’t express myself in words that well. I think this blog post is one of them. I apologize, haha.


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